Not just males.


Picture your son as an adult. What does he look like? Is he the kind of man the world wants him to be or the kind of man who is strong, respectful, loving and ready to be who God has created him to be? We want that for your son, too.

Becoming Men is a 6 week program designed for our 13-19 year old sons as they navigate the challenges they face in their high school years. To help them deal with tough issues, they get 12 video lessons that address things like:

How a gentleman treats a lady

Do I matter?

How to crush a job interview

Financial Freedom

Dealing with parents

Using social media in a healthy manner

Consequences of our actions


A must for any teenager wanting to become a man, Becoming Men combines timeless, biblical wisdom with modern technology to produce instruction that is relevant, practical, and simple to implement in the life of your teens.

Utilizing short, YouTube style videos, our Becoming Men series engages teens, driving them towards authentic masculinity, taught by Christ’s example of living crucifixionally.

“The Way of the Warrior Saint has helped my sons enhance their spiritual growth. Every Sunday they learn how to become Warrior Saints and live a crucifixional life. Their involvement has made them strong Christian young Men. I’m so lucky to be part of this movement!!!” – Manal A.
“Walking the path of the Warrior Saint has brought my entire family closer to God and has helped us deal with difficult situations allowing us all to grow and to be servant leaders for Christ, our families and the communities we serve.” – Nicole B.
“Each episode of Becoming Men is like a refocus, on how to be the best men we can be. My boys have grown into men! I can honestly and proudly state that this is a direct result of our time in church, hearing and learning how to apply the Way of the Warrior Saint in our lives.” – Dan S
“Following the Way of the Warrior Saint has helped my sons through a variety of situations. Whether at school, work, or even at home I see a difference in who they are becoming. The Becoming Men series is a powerful tool that will further support this growth.” – Renee H.
“The Way of the Warrior Saint’s Becoming Men series has been instrumental in my teenage son’s life by guiding him be the great young man God intended him to be.” – Sandy K.
“My son has grown up learning the Way of the Warrior Saint. This mindset has taught him respect, self-confidence and love.” – John K.
“I have noticed that my children are excited and motivated to be taught the Way of the Warrior Saint, we as a family feel how dedicated the staff and teachings are to their growth as students and people.” – George K.

Series Description

1 | Introduction to the Way of the Warrior Saint and how to live a crucifixional life.

2 | You Matter:  A reminder that you matter and can make a powerful impact on the world.

3 | Who Am I?: Find out who you’re supposed to be and define your mission in life.

4 | How a Gentleman Treats a Lady: Always show respect and honor to the ladies in your life.

5 | Physical Health: Take care of the machine so the machine can take care of you.

6 | Parentals: How to have an awesome relationship with your parents.

7 | How to Prepare a Job Interview: Get the outline to knock every job interview you ever take out of the park.

8 | Financial Freedom: Discover how to get money, to keep money and to use money well.

9 | Mt. Like: Climbing the mountain of social media in a healthy and successful way.

10 | Build a Strong Army: Put the right people around you so you can unleash your greatness.

11 | Consequences: Thinking long term so we can make the right decisions in our lives.

12 | Death: How to make your one, beautiful life count.

With the Becoming Men series, you will get:

  • 2 videos a week with awesome content to start living an authentically masculine life.
  • YouTuber style videos that are fun and engaging and totally relevant to today’s challenges.
  • Timeless biblical wisdom to get you on the path to manhood.
  • FREE resources you can download with exercises to help your chart a path to manhood.
  • Quality time together as parents and sons.

100% Guaranteed:

Get a full refund within 30 days if you don't love it.

Any device:

Works on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Watch anytime:

Watch at your own pace as many times as you want.

View a sample of the Becoming Men series below!
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