The Warrior Saints team is excited to announce the release of Fr. Christopher Salamy’s book, The Way of the Warrior Saint: How to Live a Crucifixional Life. An Amazon editor’s pick, The Way of the Warrior Saint heralds self-sacrifice, or, Crucifixional Living, over the temptation to take the easy road in life. Modeled on Jesus’ victory over Death through His voluntary suffering on the Cross, it spotlights real-life heroes who through Crucifixional Living became exceptional human beings. If you hunger for something more than cliche self-help books which so often focus on material success, read this counterintuitive approach to life. Written in a conversational tone for a general adult audience, you will find the anecdotes, imagery and biblical exegesis both moving and relatable. Order your copy and read reviews by Dean G. Popps Former Assistant Secretary of the United States Army, Tim Tassopoulos President and COO, Chick-fil-A, Inc. and many others below.
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The Way of the Warrior Saint

The Path to Greatness


There is a war raging. Not the wars between nations, ideologies or political parties, but a battle between greatness and mediocrity. The real war is being fought within the heart of mankind.

The battle isn’t out there. It’s inside you.

Are you winning the battle on the inside?

Deep down, every person wants to be exceptional. We want to give our best and make a powerful impact on the world. But there are dark forces trying to prevent us from doing so.

Media outlets breed fear, politicians push agendas and corporations sell the promise of quick and easy fixes. It feels like total chaos with no clear path to success.

What if we told you there is a Way to win the war within and Jesus Christ has shown us what it is?

Would you follow it?

Of course you would.

Maybe you only need a little guidance to live a Christ-like life?

That’s exactly what The Way of the Warrior Saint is!

Better than any master class, The Way of the Warrior Saint is an online video library filled with teachings that help YOU win the war within. Based on the Gospel, The Way of the Warrior Saint shows us how to become great by emulating the Lord Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus conquered Death through the Cross, Warrior Saints become great by living a CRUCIFIXIONAL life.

Completely counter-cultural. Leading through sacrifice of self. Just like Jesus did.

God doesn’t prevent us FROM sacrifice.

God transforms us THROUGH

 Through a CRUCIFIXIONAL life.

It’s time to get some.

The Way of the Warrior Saint is a video library of positive, practical and biblically based teachings guiding us to become great.

Get full access today for only $8.00 a month!

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Becoming Men is a 6 week program designed for our 13-19 year old sons as they navigate the challenges faced in the high school years. Dealing with tough issues, they get 12 video lessons that address things like: How a gentleman treats a lady; Do I matter?; How to crush a job interview; Financial freedom; Dealing with parents; Using social media in a healthy manner; Consequences of our actions; and Death. A must for any teenager wanting to become a man.